Just got back from showing one of my games at POW POW POW and someone encouraged me to upload my code to Github. Here’s the source and assets for my latest two games. They require the library Cinder in order to build.

Aggrogate Source Code

Zero Zen Source Code

March 19, 2014 Games


I’ve recently had a need to simultaneously render using both DirectX and OpenGL. There are a number of reasons why this is useful, particularly in tools where you may wish to compare multiple rendering engines simultaneously. With this technique it is also possible to efficiently perform some rendering operations on one API to a render target, and switch to the other API to continue rendering to that render target. It can also be used to perform all rendering in a specific API, while presenting that final render target using another API. Providing direct access to textures and render targets in graphics memory regardless of API has the potential of efficiently pipelining surfaces through multiple discrete renderers.


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March 13, 2014 Graphics

I’ve been terribly bad at keeping information on my games posted on my blog, so I’ve created a “Games” section where you can see what I’ve been working on! My latest game was an entry to Ludum Dare 28 called “Aggrogate”. It did extremely well, getting 8th place in innovation! I will do my best to keep the game page up to date with the latest builds of my games, the latest videos, and links to the original Ludum Dare competitions.



Also, GDC is next week! I will work on making a nice informational post about one of the many research projects I did this year, as I’ve been meaning to post more technical information on this blog.

And in another hardware related update, I also posted my recent 120Hz monitor overclock conversion.

Monitor Overclock

March 13, 2014 Games, Hardware