Fez is probably my favorite game of all time. I love everything about it! I wanted to do some Fez fan art over my most recent vacation. But I wanted to get a better view of the levels. After some digging I found that a few other fans had discovered a way to dump the contents of the game. Someone named “fesh0r” released a tool called fez_parse (link below) that will dump the contents, as well as allow you to view the simple 3D models from the game. However nobody had yet written a level viewer. I decided to write a viewer on my flight back from vacation, and add a few features over the past week.

Download FezViewer

Please use this tool in good taste. It is possible to see many spoilers from the game, but please avoid posting such spoilers online. Thanks!


January 14, 2015 Games, Graphics, Tools

Roughly 8 months after my last Ludum Dare entry, I finally got around to posting it here!

Cull Shot

Cull Shot Source Code


January 13, 2015 Games