This site was down for the last 48 hours as I migrated over from Slicehost to Linode. Slicehost had some unbelievably bad response times, with my pages taking upwards of a minute to respond and load. More than just my webserver, my code repo became completely unresponsive; and when I can’t code, I’ve got a problem. After the Slicehost support having no reasonable explanation as to why my VPS seemed to drop off the face of the earth every few days, I did some research and decided to give Linode a shot. After a bit of fighting with server technologies I got a new server up and running with a LEMP stack (that’s nginx as opposed to the typical apache-based LAMP). The response times are drastically better, and my new VPS is cheaper, has better specs than before, and Linode has some really good documentation for setting up common server stacks.

Another motivation for the switch was a recent post I’ve been trying to write, and the timeouts from my website when it was running on Slicehost was nuking my page udpates. Now, finally, I can post on my object model overhaul!

April 19, 2011 Uncategorized

Well, I was getting tired of not having a CMS for my site, and since I have been doing enough development to warrant a blog, I decided to switch to wordpress. Enjoy the new site, hopefully I’ll have things migrated over from the old one soon!

December 13, 2010 Uncategorized