Aggrogate is a 2 player action puzzle game. Each player plays on half the screen, and controls light and dark cubes of a specific color range (light/dark purple or light/dark green). Each player can “shoot” either a light or dark cube of their own color into a spot adjacent to any existing cube. By connecting 4 or more cubes of the same color (all dark green, or light purple, etc.) then those connected cubes disappear. The first person to clear all the cubes in their color range wins. The players each have a different viewport of the same collection of cubes, and by “shooting” a cube they cause the collection of cubes to spin; for both themselves and their opponent.

Download Aggrogate for Windows – Ludum Dare Version

Download Aggrogate for Mac – Ludum Dare Version

Aggrogate Source Code

Ludum Dare Entry

Aggrogate is the third game I’ve created for Ludum Dare, a 48 hour game making competition. The theme was “You only have one”. For this game, the idea was that although two players are trying to solve a puzzle, there is only one puzzle and hence they are both trying to solve the same puzzle at the same time. Each player views a the same cube puzzle from opposite perspectives, and by placing cubes cause it to spin. The challenge is the speed and precision required to place cubes, when your opponent is spinning the puzzle. This entry did particularly well in the innovation section, and achieved 8th place in innovation (out of over 2000 entries).

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