Serendipity with Cubes

Serendipity with Cubes

Serendipity with Cubes is a relaxing, solitary puzzle game. The objective is to create a “path” of same-colored cubes to connect the two pulsing cubes. Click on one cube to select it and any adjacent cube to swap their colors. Once a path is created between the pulsing cubes, all cubes in that path are cleared from the puzzle. Win the game by clearing all cubes from the puzzle. If there is no way to connect enough cubes to complete a path, it’s game over.




Serendipity with Cubes is the first game I’ve created for Ludum Dare, a 48 hour game making competition. The theme was “Tiny World”. The puzzle attempts to stick to this theme as the objective is to bring like-colors closer together and bridge the endpoints with them. This game was originally written with my first game engine which uses DirectX for rendering (and therefore Windows-only). I later ported the game to one of my newer game engines which uses OpenGL, and eventually ported the game to iOS. The iOS version has not been released.