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Cull Shot

Cull Shot is a single player time attack shooter. It was created for Ludum Dare 29, with the theme “Beneath the Surface”. The player holds a button to charge up a “cull shot”; the longer you hold the button the further the shot is fired. The shot reveals red cubes underneath a diagonal landscape. Pressing […]



Aggrogate is a 2 player action puzzle game. Each player plays on half the screen, and controls light and dark cubes of a specific color range (light/dark purple or light/dark green). Each player can “shoot” either a light or dark cube of their own color into a spot adjacent to any existing cube. By connecting […]

Zero Zen Logo

Zero Zen

Zero Zen is a 2-4 player game, most easily described as “sumo wrestling with airplanes”. Each player controls a plane with left/right rotation, a thruster to move forward, and a “shoot” button which fires a shotgun blast with tremendous kickback. The flying physics works similar to Asteroids, where your ship will continue coasting after accelerating. […]


Serendipity with Cubes

Serendipity with Cubes is a relaxing, solitary puzzle game. The objective is to connect a “path” of like colors between the two pulsing cubes. Click on one cube to select it and any adjacent cube to swap their colors. A “path” is comprised of all adjacent cubes of the same color. Once a path is […]