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Particle System

This is a particle system I started working on to dig into DX9. It’s gone through a few iterations, some architectural and some performance oriented. This version is entirely object oriented, where each emitter, particle, camera, input, etc. are classes. Particle is an abstract class, inherited by a Cube particle in these examples. Most of […]

This is the raw noise for a hypertexture using Perlin noise


This code is branched from the Ray Tracer code, with the perlin noise function added and the hit function and normal calculations for the volume of noise/density.

Hypertexture and volume renderer (~1.5 seconds)

Volume Rendering on the PSP

I’ve long been active in PSP development and decided to have some fun with graphics on the PSP. I had the university to order two PSP dev systems and I got to work porting my ray tracer to the PSP. As a team effort with three other graphics enthusiasts, we decided to accelerate hypertexturing on […]

This implements the perceptual tone mapping operator by Ward.

Ray Tracer

This project is implemented using OpenGL and GLUT, coded in Dev-C++ This project is largely inspired by the ray tracer used in the book Ray Tracing from the Ground Up, an excellent and highly recommended book on ray tracing by Kevin Suffern.


Virtual Theater

Virtual Theater embodies the concept of actors performing live on a virtual stage from anywhere around the world, and a nearly unlimited number of audience members capable of logging in to watch the performance. The former iteration of Virtual Theater was rewritten to utilize an entirely different engine (Luster, a gaming engine utilizing the Lua […]


First Graphics Project

An interesting graphics project for my first graphics class. It’s written in C, and uses OpenGL and GLUT. The code is pretty sloppy as most first attempts go, and I’m considering rewriting it as I port it to the PSP. There are a few interactive elements to this project, with the box spreading apart and […]