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Fez Viewer

Fez is probably my favorite game of all time. I wanted to do a bit of a tribute to the game as a personal project (I was originally hoping to make some papercraft). To help get a better view of the game, I was looking for a way to visualize the levels. After some research […]

Multiple volumes, registered

Volume Rendering using GPGPU

Traditional 3D computer graphics focus on rendering the exterior of objects. Volume rendering is a technique used to visualize information corresponding to the interior of an object, commonly used in medical imaging and other fields. Visualization of such data may be accomplished by ray casting; an embarrassingly parallel algorithm also commonly used in ray tracing. […]


CUDA Design Rule Checking

Design Rule Checking (DRC) of semiconductor layouts is a massively independently parallel problem, and well suited for CUDA. As part of an Independent Study, my friend Jeremy Espenshade and I implemented DRC algorithms using CUDA and achieved approximately 25-30x speedup. CUDA DRC Paper