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New OC board (left) and old burnt out "multi" board (right)

Monitor Overclock

In late 2012 I decided to try out an imported Korean 27″ 2560×1440 IPS display. These have become particularly popular because of the high quality panels (the same as the Dell and Apple high-end monitors) at less than half the price, with some early models capable of overclocking to 120Hz. I decided the benefits outweighed […]

The gameboy and a white backlight from kitsch-bent.com

Gameboy Backlight

“Chiptune” is a term used to describe music created using specifically limited hardware, usually for classic computer equipment like the Gameboy, the C64, etc. I’ve always found chiptune music interesting, and wanted to try my hand at making some with an original gameboy and LSDJ. Since I wanted to play around with it before bed, […]

If you’re buying all new parts for the build, that comes to ~ $650. I recycled some parts (old laptop HDD, ram from an old machine, etc) and my total cost was ~$500

Mini Server

I wanted to build a small, efficient, always-on server. The system could be used as a home theater PC, act as a backup server, host public and sandbox websites, code repositories and many other things. With the price of storage dropping and some impressive mini-itx motherboard options out there, the perfect storm of hardware pushed […]


Remote Controlled Turret

A pneumatic nerf turret, controllable via a flash interface over the internet. It holds six shots, has a webcam for aiming, LEDs for use in the dark, an approximate range of 20 feet, with hundreds of shots between tank refills. Turret Report Official Site Link to the official home page of the Remote Controlled Turret […]